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Book Review - The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners

When you think of dieting, you likely think – deprivation. That’s why the Mediterranean diet plan is so great. It lets you fill up with nutritious and delicious foods that you’ll love without feeling any deprivation at all.

That’s because everything you love is included in the meals – even desserts and a glass of wine. The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners is a great starter book for anyone who may be interested in living a lifestyle like the healthiest population in the world.

The Mediterranean region is known for an abundance of the types of food that keeps their population fit and healthy and gives them a longer lifespan than other parts of the world.

Many who have adopted the Mediterranean diet say that it’s like going on a prolonged vacation in the south of France of the Greek islands. The guide provides meal plans, tips and recipes that a beginner can appreciate for the ease and time savings.

The Rockridge Press compiled the information and recipes in the Mediterranean Diet for Beginners and it adds to their already bestselling record of Paleo diets and Ketogenic cookbooks.

The book contains a 7-day diet meal plan to get you started. You’ll also learn the reasons behind the plan and the science that proves its claims of bringing health and well-being to your life.

There are the top ten plans for success on the Mediterranean diet plan, so you can get it right the first time without missing a beat. You’ll learn how to make healthy substitutes for recipes that may have unhealthy over-processed ingredients.

It’s also important that you combine some exercise with the plan so your body will be better able to process the vitamins and nutrients that you’ll get from the foods you’re consuming.

Having the right ingredients on hand is an important factor in beginning the Mediterranean diet plan and the book guides you through the options you can choose from.

You won’t have to purchase new appliances or spend a lot of money to begin the diet. And, you won’t have to look for exotic ingredients that you may never use again except for one or two dishes.

Best of all, you’ll be replacing over-processed and refined foods and ingredients with herbs, seasonings, spices and a way of cooking that will delight your taste-buds and help you burn fat like you’ve never done before.

Even if you’ve never cooked before, you’ll find the meal plans so easy. You’ll get rave reviews from your family and friends with such recipes as Savory Avocado Spread and Hearty Chicken and Vegetables Soup.

The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners is the perfect gift for someone who wants a healthier way of living or anyone who wants to live to a ripe old age and enjoy abundant health along the way.