How Drinking Just Two Cups a Day of This Tea Helped Me Gain Back My Life?

I have been a looser for a couple years. I have lost 55 lbs this year, 89 total. This "tea tweak" change everything for me.

I don't see my family often because they make fun of me (weight, height, you name it). I choose to put my mental health first.

A couple weeks ago, my sister was in the hospital in the same city that I work at.
She was admitted and didn't know they were going to keep her so I went and bought her a toothbrush, socks, a book, etc.

When I took them to her, I walked into the room and she moved to put her mask back on and then paused and then said my name questioningly.

I replied yeah?

She laughed then took her mask off and asked how much had I lost cause she didn't even recognize me.

She thought I was a nurse coming in to take more blood.

People, we are in our 60s and she did not know who I was. Made my freaking, made my entire year.

I dieted all the time and ran my butt off (not literally, unfortunately) …
But NOTHING seemed to make a difference.

UNTIL I discovered 1 tiny tea hack that changed everything for me.

This "Tea Tweak" Changed Everything!

I'm one of those people that's constantly on the look-out for 'hacks' that will keep me on my journey.

In the last two months, one that's been extraordinarily successful for me has been the discovery of this tea.

Now, I will be the first to admit. I'm still a neophyte here.

There is an extraordinary tea world and culture beyond my haphazard execution on the concept.

Most tea-aficionados will cringe at my preparation techniques and my choice of teas. But it really has helped me in my diet, so I'm going to share with you anyway.

I actually thought I didn't like tea. I'd tried some black teas and some green teas. Green tea actually made me physically nauseous after I drank it. I figured I wasn't a tea person.

But in the search for zero calorie beverages, I found this unique tea ritual. And things spiraled from there.

Here's how I use it:

Craving Suppression
I've found that a mug of this tea will destroy any food craving that I'm having at the time.

It's actually quite remarkable. By the time I'm done drinking that tea, I no longer really want to eat.

Nighttime Munchies
This tea tastes like diluted mint chocolate chip ice cream and really hits the spot when I'm jonesing for a treat late at night.

Calm Me Down
This has been used for centuries to soothe anxiety and inducing sleep. This same stress can lead me to EAT sometimes, so being able to have this tea relax me is quite remarkable.

Wake Me Up
I'm an every-morning coffee drinker. When I lost pounds earlier, I found that coffee had a bigger effect on me in the mornings.

Sometimes it made me feel too jittery. So I've been switching over to this tea - which is delicious in the morning and still give me a little extra juice, but don't give me the shakes.

Losing Pounds
The catechins in this tea have been shown in several studies to aid in losing pounds. Even just drinking one cup of this beverage a day has been shown to help people lose pounds faster than those who don't.

It also has protective properties against heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.

What could be better?

After all those unsuccessful diets and hopelessness, the weight started to melt away once I started implementing this daily simple 'tea' habit.

Not to mention, this method also supports a healthy heart, arteries, and healthy sugar levels…

You see, the real cause of weight gain has nothing to do with:
a. How much you diet, starve, or deprive yourself of your favorite foods...

b. How much grueling exercise you do....

c. How much sugar or carbohydrates you eat....

d. Your thyroid, hormones, or metabolism... e. Or even genetics or the aging process...

That's what they want you to believe. That you're broken, that it's your fault. But it's not your fault!

Which is why taking this "tea hack" changed my life 😍 Because I was introduced to this strange but straightforward cravings hack, I was able to:

a. Eat most of what I wanted when I wanted them

b. Not worry about gaining a ton of weight

c. Not have to do a grueling amount of exercise

d. Stop feeling hopeless and like a constant failure

On top of that, I was personally experiencing these negative health issues less and less that I frequently did due to my weight.

Staying healthy is a constant, everyday decision.

And that's why I'm so passionate about sharing this "simple tea ritual" with you… so you can start your own amazing transformation!

Today I'm 63, feeling like I'm 45, and it feels incredible.

I can take advantage of all of the fun outdoor activities in my neighborhood and even getting into public speaking on behalf of TOPS, the weight-loss club.

My motto: If I can do it, so can you!Watch This Simple Tea Ritual That Turbo-Charged My Metabolism