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Weight loss: How to lose weight FAST without feeling hungry

Q: I'm trying to lose weight but I'm starving and can barely function on this little amount of food. What should I do?

A: If you've been trying to lose weight but feel that your limit of calories is reducing your effectiveness including causing mental confusion, lethargy, nervousness, sleeplessness, mood swings or an inability to concentrate, there are a few things you can try.

Strategically space out your protein intake. Some people, particularly those with sensitive nervous systems, require protein replenishment in order to think and function throughout their day.

For a person like this, a dinner that is made of whole grain pasta and vegetables is not enough because it's missing the needed protein. Even if you are restricting calories, make sure that each meal and snack contains enough protein to satiate you. Cut carbs, but don't skip protein because it's a needed brain food and muscle builder.

Choose healthy lean protein such as hard-boiled eggs, cooked chicken or turkey breast, tuna or salmon, or protein that includes healthy fat such as nuts.

If you include dairy as your protein, try to keep cheese to a minimum as this does contain saturated fat which is less desirable if you're trying to lose weight.

Focus less on calorie restriction and more on exercise. Some people simply do not do well on a low calorie diet. You could be one who needs brain food throughout the day which you can then burn off through exercise.

You might want to talk with a personal trainer who can guide you toward your optimum weight loss nutrition and exercise plan.